Our Services

Our Services; Helping you see the things you did not know were there

We all sometimes look at something without actually seeing it.  We do not always register what we see or what we are supposed to be looking at.  This is where our services are of good use for you.  We will go through your property and thoroughly inspect it and help you see what you possibly did not notice.

We take the time to inspect, document and then deliver relevant observations of the assessed property.

We will inspect the following, amongst other aspects:

The Plumbing:  We will check for leaks and rust and noise when the water is turned on.

The Electrical System:  We will check all fittings and connections, cabling and plugs for frayed ends or damaged wires.

Check for signs of damp and mould:  When moisture and dampness find its way inside your roof and home it causes damp.  All possible problem areas will be inspected.

Doors:  Checking all doors for level hanging, no squeaking and if they have working door locks.

Walls:  Interior and exterior walls will be checked for cracks or peeling paint, and also for dampness.

Ceilings:  Inspect ceilings for dark spots or damp spots and that it is sealed tightly to the walls.  Inspectors may lift ceiling panels to have a look at what might hide on the other side.

Floors:  Inspections will differ from floor type to floor type.  Wooden floors would be checked for broken planks, carpeted will be checked for quality and condition, where as tiles will be checked for cracked or loose tiles.

The Roof:  We will check the shingles, flashing, tiles or other covering, the fascia boards, the gutters, the joints, etc.  The roof covers your home and protects it and should always be in a good condition.

Garages and outbuildings:  All buildings will be checked to be conforming to building regulations.

Boundary Walls and Paving:  The boundary walls and paving will be checked to see that there is no damage, for example, broken or cracked parts, damp spots and more.

Storm water runoff, gutters and downpipes:  We will inspect the condition of all gutters and downpipes to ensure they are in a good working condition and that from the downpipes there are sufficient storm water runoff guides.  Storm water runoffs throughout the property will also be checked for blockages.

Whatever is to be inspected can be discussed with us beforehand.  We will take note and the result of the inspection will be presented in a full report.