10 Questions and Answers About Real Estate Inspection Companies

You are selling your house and opting to buy a new home.  In both instances, you might need a report from a Real Estate Inspection Company.  The report will state everything that has been checked and the condition it was in.  This is a way for the buyer to know the condition of the house and its equipment.  This report will also ensure you about the new home’s condition and its working systems.

5 Questions and Answers to ask before doing a Home Inspection:

  1. What is a home inspection? All accessible areas in a house will be thoroughly checked by a licensed, trained and observant home inspector.  The inspection Report will state all the observed and evaluated areas and objects and if there were any defects or possible problems.  The report might contain photographs.
  2. Do home inspectors also do the repairs? No.  To remain impartial, good ethics dictate that home inspectors cannot be involved with the repairs on any house they did the inspection on.
  3. How do I select a Home Inspector? Firstly check their training and experience.  All home inspectors should be licensed.  Ask to see a sample of an inspection report and check if this report is comprehensive and provides all the necessary information that you will need to make informed decisions.
  4. Can the Home Inspection Report act as a guarantee? No.  A home inspector cannot detect hidden defects, for example, a pipe within a wall that might burst in future.
  5. What are the Consequences of not obtaining a Home Inspection Report? A home inspection report allows buyers and sellers to make informed decisions during negotiations.  The seller and buyer will both know the repairs needed and what it will cost.  No overcharging or leaving out certain facts for later discovery.

An Inspector is trained to evaluate the health of a house, but he is not a specialist.  He can see where probable problems may occur and then recommend the client to consult with a specialist such as a plumber, an electrician, a structural engineer, or a roofing expert.