A Real Estate Inspection Agency is like your general practitioner, but for your home.  They are familiar with all the ins and outs, the systems, all entities and structural parts of a house.  This knowledge gives them a full picture of what should be right in a house and what could go wrong.  They know what to look out for when doing an inspection of a home.

An inspector, from a Real Estate Inspection Agency, should evaluate every possible, visible, place in the home, as well as in the roof, the attic, the water heater, the furnace and the electrical box.  These inspections should be done before you buy a new home and when you are selling a house.

You will receive a written report on all the findings, to consider the purchase of a new home, or to give to a prospective buyer of your own property.

Your written report can also be of help when you need to acquire a Home Warranty.  A home warranty provides valuable coverage and peace of mind when buying a new home or selling a house.  You should make sure what is covered under the warranty contract.

A Home Warranty is a one-year renewable service contract that will give insurance coverage to protect you from unexpected household appliance failure and repairs on home systems, for example, the water heater.

You can schedule your home inspection with us, receive your written report as well as apply for a Home Warranty.