Daves Box

Here at Daves Box, we believe that an Inspector should evaluate every possible place that is visible in your home.  We also inspect the roof, inside and outside, the attic, the water heater, furnace, everything electrical as well as the electrical box.

Using engineering principles and construction knowledge, we inspect and examine previously owned homes for problems and defects.  We also inspect and examine new buildings for compliance with building regulations.  We have knowledge of electrical systems, building codes and testing equipment.

At Daves Box all our inspectors are licensed or certified, to give the best service.

Checking for Defects;
home inspectors, inspect homes, condos, townhouses and other dwellings to make sure there are no hidden or unlisted defects and undisclosed problems.  Buyers, real estate agents, as well as other parties make use of this service to provide them with the necessary information and written report, to satisfy possible new owners.

Suggesting Improvements and reviewing results of the Inspection;
after inspection, the inspector will suggest possible improvements or make you attend on a problem within the dwelling.  We will inspect exterior and interior, attached buildings, plumbing, electrical system, attic and roof.

We Know Buildings;
a thorough knowledge of building materials, building methods and tools and knowledge of construction principles are essential.  Inspectors also need a strong understanding of building codes, laws and government regulations.